• About Us

    Kelem Ethiopia (KELEM) is a local non-governmental non-profit non-political development organization committed to actively participate in the ongoing developmental activities of the country, through provision of education and training at all levels. KELEM was established in 2003, 13 years back, particularly to support and build the capacity of the marginalized communities that identified as ‘emerging regions’ of Ethiopia which includes the pastoralist areas of the Afar, Somali National Regional States, Gambelle Regional State and BeniShangul Regional State. KELEM is interested in creation of access to quality education especially for the community living in the hard-to-reach and underserved areas. KELEM is registered in Ethiopia by the Federal Charities and Societies Agency with registration number of 0138 and has signed operational agreements with relevant national and regional governmental agencies. KELEM has its head quarters in Addis Ababa and a regional program coordination office in Afar region, Logia, Gewanie, Dewe and Gelealo Woredas.


    Kelem aspires to see “all Ethiopian’s get access to quality education, be qualified, trained and principled citizens and contribute to the creation of a nation where all citizens have equitable opportunity to participate in and benefit from the national development.”


    Provide quality education and skills training to all sections of the society to enable them become qualified and competent citizens, in partnership with all stakeholders and collaborators.

    Core Objectives

    • Contribute to the effort being made by the country to quality education for all through enhancing access to and quality of formal and non-formal education to marginalized communities;/people with Disabilities, girls, people leaving in peripheral areas, minorities etc./
    • Advance need based, employment oriented skill training
    • Institutional capacity building of the education sector and promote research and development on it
    • Support programs, activities and community based Organizations working on different areas of development specially that are directly or indirectly linked to education
    • Promote partnership and networking on education,


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