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    • Kelem Ethiopia has distributed educational material in Wollo North Ethiopia for 10 Weredas

    Kelem Ethiopia distributes food package to 330 severely draught affected households in Afar Region

    Kelem Ethiopia distributed 17 thousand kilogram food packages and 9 hundred liter oil to 330 families who have been severely draught affected in Gelealo woreda of Afar region. In the event held from June 4-5, 2016 in three Kebeles, a package of 25 KG rice, 25 KG wheat, 3 lit oil, 5KG sugar 2KG salt and 2 KG dates were distributed to each of those pastoral draught affected communities. Disable, the elderly and women headed family were given priorities to the aid. 1650 family members became beneficiary of the aid package. Kelem gave this 400 thousand birr estimated food aid package to pastoral community of Afar in a partnership of UMR of USA.

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