• Adaar ABE and Mobile School Project

    Project Profile:

    Project Name: Adda’ar District Alternative Basic Education (ABE) and Mobile School (MS) Project.

    Project Donor: Edukans Foundation (Netherlands)

    Project Duration: 3 Years

    Period of Implementation: 1 July 2008-10 December 2010

    Budget Amount: Euro (€) 120,000

    Number of Beneficiaries: 2,490 School aged children

    Kelem's Model Mobile School, Addar Woreda, Afar Region
    Kelem's Model Mobile School, Addar Woreda, Afar Region

     Project Summary:

    Adda’ar district Alternative Basic Education and Mobile School project was executed in Addar district of Afar Regional State of Ethiopia. The district is also commonly known as Haddar after the discovery of Lucy fossil at a place called Hadar. The project was implemented with a fund from Dutch based Edukans Foundation. The Addar project comprises six ABE centers and two Mobile schools. Each ABE centers has two teaching classrooms, one store and one office providing access to education for school aged children living around the school. However, the school demand of the pastoralist cannot meet simply with availability of access to education through formal education. Majority of the community move from place to place in search of pasture and water for their livestock and the community also frequently travel with their livestock as the livestock is the major source of food and income for the pastoralist. Hence, to meet educational demand of those frequently travelling pastoralist children, we developed and provided mobile school that can easily move with the pastoralist and provides educational service for the children. On the other hand, the two mobile schools provide alternative basic education services for school aged children of the communities with more and frequent mobility pattern.

    Mobile school model of Kelem was also taken as best experience in mobile education and Regional level mobile school guideline was developed based on our experience.

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