• ESAP II Project

    Project Profile:

    Project Name: Ethiopian Social Accountability Program (ESAP), Phase II

    Project Donor: World Bank 

    Project Duration: 3 years

    Period of Implementation: 2013- 31 October 2015

    Budget Amount: USD 60,000 (ETB Birr 1,234,306.36)

    Number of Beneficiaries: Direct Beneficiaries 11,429 (Female=4,566) and indirect 42,323 members of the Community

    Project Summary:

    ESAP II is an abbreviation stands for Ethiopian Social Accountability Program phase II. The program has been being implemented in consortium Pro-Development Network (PDN) as a lead and Kelem being as one of implementing partner. The program was designed to bring about social accountability among education service provider (supplier) and service users. ESAP II has been being implemented in Dewe District of Afar regional state and has benefited 53,752 people direct and indirectly.

    The project’s total budget is $ 60,000 and funded by the World Bank (WB).

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