• Educational Institutes Capacity Building Project

    Project Profile:

    Project Name: Project on Building the Capacity of District Level Educational Institutes

    Project Donor: Turkish International Cooperation Agency (TiKA)

    Project Duration: 1 Year

    Period of Implementation: January 2015-31 December 2015

    Budget Amount: USD 40,000 (ETB Birr 820,000)

    Number of Beneficiaries: Direct Beneficiaries 189 10 Districts’ Education Offices Staff and 42,399 Students,

    Project Summary:

    This project was designed to build the capacity of District level education offices of Afar regional state based on concrete baseline assessment. Accordingly, major institutional bottlenecks of the offices in terms of materials were identified and required office equipments and furniture were procured and distributed for 10 districts of the region. The donation was taken place in Samara, regional capital city, in the presence of officials from Regional Education Bureau, Finance and Economic Development Bureau, Samara-Logia Administration Office, different mass Medias including Ethiopian Broadcasting Cooperation (EBS/ETV) and beneficiary Woredas’ education Offices heads.

    The donated materials includes items such as Photo Copy machines, Computers, managerial chairs, managerial tables, office tables and chairs, shelves, books and comprehensive and complete educational teaching Kits.

    The project was funded by Turkish International Cooperation Agency (TiKA) and the event was aired by local governmental and private mass Medias.

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