• ABE Facilitators and Teachers’ Training Program

    Beside its various educational projects, Kelem has provided different short term and long term in-service training opportunities for regional and its ABE projects’ facilitators.


    • It provided two months long pre-service teachers’/facilitators training opportunity for 50 facilitators of the region. These facilitators have joined different ABEs in the region and have contributed in mitigating facilitators’ shortage of the region.
    • It provided continues summer educational upgrading opportunities for more than 80 facilitators of its ABE projects in collaboration with Semera University and Asaita Teachers’ Training College. Majority of the trainees have already graduated in Diploma from grade 10 and 12 complete and have joined various formal and informal institutes of the region. This program has been significantly contributing for the development of teachers thereby reducing problem of the lack of teachers. It has also boosted the quality of ABE education program in the region, and reduced facilitators turn-over.

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