• TEACH II Project

    Project Profile:

    Project Name: Transferring Education for Adults and Children in the Hinterlands (TEACH)-WASH Project

    Project Donor: PACT/USAID

    Project Duration: 4 years

    Period of Implementation: October 2011- June 2015

    Budget Amount: USD ($) 1,309,229 (ETB 24,196,033)

    Number of Beneficiaries: 15,000 School aged children and Adults

    Beneficiaries of TEACH Project

    Project Summary:

    The abbreviation TEACH stands for Transferring Education for Adults and Children in the Hinterlands.

    In its effort to improve accessibility and quality of education, Kelem has implemented Alternative Basic Education (ABE), Functional Adult Literacy (FAL), Women Literacy Program (WLP) and facilitators training programs in 42 ABE centers of Afar regional State.

    TEACH project also includes implementation of integrated WASH programs in the target ABECs of the region including development of appropriate water scheme, construction of latrines and provision of various sanitation and hygiene related trainings for students, teachers and communities.

    It is a four years project and has been implemented $ 1,309,229 (USD) or ETB Birr 24,196,033 with financial support from USAID/PACT. The project was implemented in three administrative zones and six districts of Afar Regional state. Namely; Dulecha, Awura, Gulina, Dewe, Hadele-Eala, and Samurobe woredas.

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