• What We Do

    Kelem is beyond its Challanges in providng Education
    Kelem is beyond its Challanges in providng Education

    Our Work

    The Thematic Focus of Our work Are:-

    • Formal (KG-Grade 12) and Non-Formal (ABE, IFAL, WLP etc) education programs such as Alternative Basic Education Program (ABE), Integrated Functional Adult Literacy (IFAL), Women Literacy Program (WLP), Education in Emergencies (EiE), Girls’ Education
    • Teachers Training and Capacity Building Programs
    • Research and information dissemination on education
    • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Program.


    Our organization implements the following main activities

    • Construction and administration of Schools
    • Distribution of educational Materials for students
    • Distribution of instruction materials for schools
    • Enrollment of teachers in schools
    • Training of facilitators and education actors

    Core Strategies

    Our core Strategies are:-

    • Participatory and community centered approach
    • Research based Intervention and long lasting capacity building
    • Partnership, linkage and networking with Civic Society Organizations (CSOs) and Governmental Organizations
    • Information, communication and technology


    To improve accessibility and quality of education, Kelem implements Alternative Basic Education, FAL, Women Literacy (WLP), WASH, village level saving associations (VLSA) and Community Livelihood investment fund programs and facilitators training programs in more than 20 ABE centers (Including ABE centers constructed by Kelem).The program is run in Gewane, and Burimedaytu woredas of the region.


    ABE this is our classroom, whatever for education
    ABE this is our classroom, whatever for education


    Income Generating Activities (IGA)

    Kelem owns an international standard KG and primary school in Addis Ababa. It was set up to generate income and serve as a training center for the teachers and facilitators of its other projects. The IGA runs three campuses enrolling students from KG to grade 8.

    Innovative Approach

    KELEM uses innovative approaches as an important strategy to realize its vision, mission and objectives. In the Afar context, KELEM has perfectly introduced a mobile school model for pastoralist community and solar electricity system to conduct night classes in its ABE schools.

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